What are The Different Methods of Curtain Cleaning?

When you hire a professional for curtain cleaning service, with their experience and knowledge about fabrics, they decide the best method to clean your curtain. They are experienced with different types of available method and different type of curtain fabrics and they decide the best method for you on the basis of that.

Curtain Cleaning Service
Curtain Cleaning Service

Here are All The Different Methods that They Can Apply for Curtain Disinfection

  • Steam Cleaning:

    In this method of curtain cleaning, the cleaners use steam to clean or wash your curtain. Most of the curtains which are heavy in weight are suggested to clean by using this technique. Professionals use a steam cleaning machine for applying this technique. You can too buy this machine but it is preferred to let the professionals do it because you are unaware of the temperature needed to provide and many other things.
  • Dry Cleaning:

    Light-weighted curtains are preferred to be cleaned by this technique. If the fabric is to be dry cleaned, most of the time it will be mentioned in the manufacturing details. Such fabric must be only dry cleaned in order to avoid any damage to the fabric of the curtain. In this Curtain Cleaning in Sydney method, a very minimum amount of chemical is used and sometimes it is even not used.
  • Vacuum Cleaning:

    This is one of the easiest ways of curtain cleaning, which you can even do yourself. In this technique, a vacuum is used to remove any dust particles. It can be performed on a regular basis which can minimize the chances of growth of moulds. It is not the best way to clean your curtain but a way to care about your health and for the long life of your curtain.
  • Using Brush:

    This is another simple step to keep your curtain clean. It is not recommended if your curtain needs to get washed or if it needs professional treatment, but it is recommended to do it on a regular basis to keep you curtain smell and look good. It will remove any dust or hair particles of your pet very easily.
Professional Curtain Cleaner
Professional Curtain Cleaner

Hire Professional Services

We at Eco Friendly Cleaning Services will always help you in deciding what treatment your curtain needs. We will guide you how you can keep it clean on a regular basis and also can help you in the cleaning of your curtain whenever you need it. Just call us on 0488 851 043 and we will be there at your doorstep.

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