What is Your Carpet Water Damage Restoration Process?

Firstly our team of professionals will perform an assessment to find the extent of damage that has been done by the water to your carpet. With the help of moisture meter they will get to know the water extent and then they extract as much as water as possible using a high-tech machine.

  • After extraction of water, they apply an antimicrobial and deodorizer to your carpet in order to get rid of any kind of odour which is caused due to the growth of mould or moisture.
  • In the third step, our cleaners will use dryers or air movers to evaporate the moisture into the air.
  • Later they check the carpet thoroughly and they will make sure that beneath the carpet is completely dry.
  • In the final step, the antimicrobial is been used to clean the affected carpet which helps the carpet in staying healthy and away from germs, mould, and bacteria.

Our process is very simple and can make your carpet free from Flood Water Damage. Hire our professionals Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration and get your carpet restored in an effective way.