How To Get Rid Of After Flood Carpet Smell

You noticed a bad smell in your room when you open the door. You surprised that the smell was not there yesterday. How suddenly it smell so bad? Is your carpet rotted? Many questions may arise in your mind, but relax it is just an after flood moulds problem. Role of Room Environment:

The role of your room environment is playing a great role in mold development and producing a bad smell. The flood water increases the humidity & moisture level tremendously high to grow the mold easily on your carpet. The water may flood due to various reasons by a pipe leakage or a rooftop leakage during rain or accidental water pouring or any other reason but untreated water always produces bad smell.

So it always advised obtaining the carpet flood water damage restoration service quickly without making any further delay as the bad smell of your carpet will increase day by day.  

Flood Carpet Smell Removal
Flood Carpet Smell Removal

Know What is Happening Beneath Your Feet:

The mold is growing under the carpet after water flooding over it. It took only 24 to 36 hours for mold to grow seriously on your carpet. Therefore the smell which was not there before 24 hours yesterday appeared today after 24 hours. The flooded water is providing the ideal condition for the mold development & constantly feed by the humidity & moisture present in the wet carpet.

Effect of Bad Smell:

The bad smell is disliked by everyone. First off all it will ruin your reputation near your friend, relatives or colleagues who visit your home and business at the office. Besides, it creates different respiratory system diseases and allergies. So it is always advised to take help of a certified water damage technician for Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration. Unless it not only ruin your beautiful carpet but also damages your health too.

Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration
Carpet Flood Water Damage Restoration

Steps to Get Rid Out of It:

There is no technique invented to stop the flood water. It is an accident which may happen to any house including you. Your carpet is also getting wet and provides an environment for mold growth & rotted carpet smell. But it is in your hand to protect your carpet from getting damage after water flood.

  • Ceased the water sources which affect your carpet. Sometimes for a river flood or heavy rain flood or drainage system failure creates an artificial flood situation; it is not in your hand to cease the water flow. In that case, wait till the water flow stops by it.
  • Evacuate the water immediately after the water source ceased unless the carpet will damage permanently. An extraction company is very helpful in this regards if the amount of water is huge inside the room.
  • Dry immediately with the drying fans. If you don’t have drying fan then hire or bring some in rental but dry the carpet anyway before 24 hours. Call us for any kind of equipment required on a rental basis. If the carpet sucks the water up to floor level then perform a dehumidifier process from a carpet restoration company for complete dry up.

If your carpet is completely dry then you are lucky enough to avoid the entire problem by using Eco Friendly Cleaning Services.

Henry is a local IICRC certified cleaner of Eco-friendly Cleaning Services. He keeps the motive behind our cleaning policy. Therefore, he puts his best effort and experience in conducting the entire cleaning procedure using eco-friendly solutions, that too within an affordable price.