Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Carpet Dry Cleaning

Regardless of the nature of the industry one works in, properties do require tidy carpets. 

Yet there are several ways to leave them clean, both through steam and dry cleaning. And exactly which approach is the apt choice for the business?

By the conclusion of this particular blog, a knowledgeable choice could be done about which type of cleaning you require and what type of materials to invest in.

Carpet Dry Cleaning Services
Carpet Dry Cleaning Services

How Carpet Steam Cleaning is Different From Carpet Dry Cleaning? 

Carpet Steam Cleaning

With the word ‘Steam’ one might believe it applies steam to clean the carpets, just another logical thinking

But there is no steam included. 

How Does It Work?

Hot water + carpet cleansing soap is diffused onto the carpet and vacuum-cleaned up instantly. Here the process relies on the dirt being dissolved by the water being sprinkled on before being removed. Chemicals are sprayed onto the carpet previously to extricate the dirt.

Carpet Steam Cleaning is often suggested by carpet manufacturers as the approved method of cleaning. 

Positives of Steam Cleaning

A most useful Deep Carpet Cleaning process combining warm water including chemicals and thus cleaning just more further than the surface.

Pristine results can be obtained using the steam cleaner

Carpet Steam Cleaning Services
Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

Negatives of Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning could cause the water to seep deeper into your carpet if the water sits upon the carpet to an extremely long interval, or excessive use of water, or not properly vacuum-clean the carpet

However, vacuuming correctly and not letting the water fully soak into the carpets, should avoid this dilemma.

Steam cleaning could take fairly more extra time than different kinds of cleaning, thus staying off the carpets for slightest of 12 -24 hours to allow the carpet to dry properly.

Due to the longer hours, most businesses steam-clean after business hours. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning too has a somewhat misleading title, also sometimes described as bonnet cleaning Using more further chemicals than water, and a slight bit of dampness to wholly eliminate the elements of the carpet.

The powdered, dry cleansing chemicals are placed on the carpet, seeping into the carpet fibers and split apart rubble and hard-to-remove spots, and then scrubbing using what is called a pad. A light spray of water stimulates the chemicals thus to break down the scraps even more wholly, then vacuum up the bits that have bonded among the chemicals. 

Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services

Positives of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning grants you to walk on the carpets shortly later the method is finished. Making many businesses prefer dry cleaning oven steam cleaning as it doesn’t intervene in business processes or demand much time to complete.

It also offers you fairly thoroughly clean. The severe elements can destroy most spots, including complex ones that some steam cleaners can’t oppose.

Negatives of Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning normally uses more rough chemicals than steam cleaning. 

What Do You Think is The Best?

Because Eco-Friendly Cleaning Services offers steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning, we are often asked which is better.

If one has some less number of hours to allow the carpet to dry and wants a profound cleansing process, steam cleaning is the way to go. If one wants to use the carpet immediately or need a light clean, dry cleaning would be better.

The fact is that both have their place and can be used when appropriate.

Book Our Professional Cleaning Services for Best Results.

It is also important to use a carpet cleaner who knows Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Sydney to get results regardless of the method being used.

So, if you would like either steam or dry carpet cleaning call/contact us on 0488 851 043 for our pricing or book. We are a Sydney based cleaning company and all suburbs are within the metro area and have a cleaner based near you.

Henry is a local IICRC certified cleaner of Eco-friendly Cleaning Services. He keeps the motive behind our cleaning policy. Therefore, he puts his best effort and experience in conducting the entire cleaning procedure using eco-friendly solutions, that too within an affordable price.